No Discussions about opening up poultry and Milk markets to US Businesses: Govt

The government on Friday denied reports that it had provided to open the poultry and milk markets to American firms as part of continuing discussions on a restricted trade deal with the United States.

International media reports on Thursday indicated that India had eventually permitted market access to poultry legs from the united states, in addition to American turkey along with other agricultural produce such as blueberries and cherries, in the run up to US President Donald Trump’s trip to India later this season. But, Indian officials rebuffed the claims.

“Chicken legs are prime source of dispute involving both countries for almost a decade. However, our existing strategy of using chicken legs is compliant with World Trade Organization (WTO) principles and market access is allowed,” a senior official said. He included no discussions have occurred on milk .

Getting lost a case registered by the US in the WTO at 2015, New Delhi procured the establishment of a compliance panel in 2017. But it conceded entry to US poultry in 2018, once the very first consignments arrived in.

India is the fourth largest poultry producer behind the USA, Russia and China along with the third-largest egg manufacturer. According to the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority, India exported 540,000 metric tonnes of poultry products values $98.5 million throughout 2018-19.

Despite having the maximum intake rates of poultry products, American businesses are focused on finding export markets for poultry legs, because the specific thing isn’t preferred by US customers.

On the other hand, market access for some other goods, like cherries and blueberries, also have been provided, said a individual in the know. “Rather, talks have just revolved round the agri things on which India increased import duties this past year,” he explained.

This describes earlier record of India that offer to cut responsibilities on high-value US agri imports such as walnuts, almonds, apples, and wine, that have been one of 29 crucial imports by the US to determine as much as some 50 percent duty hike annually.

Though the government is under pressure from farm lobbies to limit market access to such goods, it expects to supply an olive branch to the Americans about the problem. “Discussions about other American needs — reduced responsibilities for industrial parts, technology goods and information technology products like smart watches and iPhones — are protracted and never anticipated to be finished from the time of Trump’s trip,” an official said.

Higher taxes on agri products have been estimated to rake in $240 million in extra earnings. India has stated that the higher taxes were in reaction to the US imposing a 25 percent added levy on steel, and 10 percent on aluminium goods from India in May 2018.

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